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The eBook Writer is a 32-bit Windows program that allows you to create eBooks that can be read by any Palm eBook Reader. There are versions of the eBook Reader for Palm and PocketPC devices, as well as the Windows and Macintosh operating systems.

Creating an eBook with the eBook Writer is like creating a web page. The Palm Markup Language (PML) is similar to HTML (HyperText Markup Language), the language used to create a web page. PML uses tags placed into a plain text file. PML tags start with a backslash (\) followed by a letter or two.


To create a page break, you would enter \p
To center a block of text, you would use the \c tag and end with the same tag at the beginning of the next line
\cCenter this block of text

What Does This Program Do?

The eBook Writer allows you to import a plain text file, and then quickly and easily add the PML tags, and compile the file into a format readable by the Palm eBook reader. By integrating the Palm 'Dropbook' compiler, we provide a simple 'one-click' method of creating the eBook file. We also provide links to the Palm Emulator, allowing you to view your eBook exactly as it will appear on a Palm device (Palm Emulator and Dropbook need to be downloaded from the Palm web site).

The program also allows you to add comments to your code and print-outs of your code. Links to the HotSync installer are provided, as well as links to the local eBook viewer that you may have installed on your computer. It also provides for timed backups, making sure you don't loose your work in the event of an unexpected shut-down.

The help file includes a complete reference to the Palm Markup Language (PML), the coding system used to create the eBook files.

What Does This Cost?

This program is free in cost and free as in speech. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and is hosted by our friends at SourceForge.net. This is the second program to be released as part of our program to provide open source software to emergency service agencies (see the History section to learn the connection between this program and Paramedics).

We invite you over to view our other open source project, the PAD Program Management System. This is a pair of programs designed to allow emergency services agencies to track the Public Access Defibrillation programs in their jurisidictions, as well as offer the participants software to track the use and maintenance of their Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs).

If you find the program useful, or you simply wish to support the project, we do accept donations. Just click on the 'Support This Project' logo to make a donation. A portion of your donation will be sent to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, and SourceForge.net. These folks are helping to keep open source software available to everyone.

Lastly, we want to thank the folks at SourceForge.net for agreeing to host this software project.

What is the OpenISES Project?

The OpenISES Project is the Open Information Systems for Emergency Services Project. It is a project designed to bring together the open source development community and the emergency services community, to provide open source software and training materials to the emergency service community.

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